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《市场营销(英)》作业 (18篇) 展开   列表


本报讯 11月7日,百度首开互联网先河,在首页推出搜索封面人物。在全球最大的中文搜索引擎基础之上,百度也构筑了全球最大的互动中文交流社区。百度首页封面人物的推出,将极大程度上反映整个互联网时代的人物风云和价值取向。   谁是百度推出的第一个搜索封面人物?答案既在意料之外,又在情理之中。《士兵突击》的主人公许三多登上了百度首页的Logo位置。“当我打开百度的搜索开始面对一天的工作时,这个倔强、可爱的小人儿让我会心一笑,充满生趣。”该首页封面人物刚一推出,就已经引发网民的热烈反响。中国目前有1.62亿网民,其中90%以上都是百度的用户。从受众规模来说,百度Logo人物将大大超过时代周刊封面人物的影响力。   继许三多之后,百度计划每月都推出一位搜索封面人物。“百度选择月度LOGO人物的标准是多方面的。一方面,‘他’或者‘她’从网民的搜索来看,应该是当月最受关注的;更重要的是,这种关注能够象

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外贸B2B平台 免费: www.worldtrade goods.from buyers www.all 常用的或者比较好的

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06級市場營銷课程项目(Assignment 2)

For this assignment, you (or your team of 4-6 students) are required to prepare (but not actually make) a presentation that would last about 20 minutes on a company and its marketing strategies. You can choose a company that you are familiar with or design your own company. Assessment objectives After completion of this assignment, you should be able to: demonstrate an understanding of company strategic planning, marketing environment, target marketing and consumer behaviour, discuss their relationship to marketing planning and apply these concepts to a marketing situation. demonstrate effective oral presentation skills including the preparation of a script and relevant visual aids demonstrate effective teamwork (if working as part of a team). Assessment Components Slide

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Chapter 2 Exercise

Coordinating the series of departments that carry out value-creating activities to design, produce, market, deliver and support a firm's products is called Partner Relationship Management.

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Sample Marketing Plan

Internet side of business plays a lesser role - Our customers might not be willing to pay for Internet access or JavaNet memberships as Internet access costs and hardware costs continue to fall. If this scenario materializes, we will need to move our focus to beverages and pastry items, perhaps even providing deli-style lunches. Internet services in the scenario would still play an important role in attracting customers; we'd just have to charge less and move our numbers around to accommodate this trend.

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Sample Marketing Plan: AMT

Jan, who reports to Casey, will take the key role in the seminar marketing programs. Sonny, who manages service, will also manage the marketing programs related to service. 8.0 Critical Issues 1. Tracking and follow-up: will we have the discipline, as an organization, to track results of the marketing plan and make sure that we implement? 2. Market segment focus: how can we be sure we have the discipline to maintain the focus? 3. Saying no: can we say no to special deals that take us away from the target focus? Can we say no to unprofitable deals?

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How to set marketing plans

Executive Summary Current Situation Competitor and Issue Analysis What do you want to achieve? - Marketing Objectives How will you get there? - Strategizing with "The 4 Ps" Your "to do" list - Action Programs How much will everything cost? - Your Budget

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Assignment 3: Sample (Only for reference)

Table of Contents Executive Summary ………………………………………..1 1.0 Formal Introduction………………………………….2 1.1 Purpose 1.2 Scope and Limitations 1.3 Authorization 2.0 Brief Background ……………………………………. 2.1 Company 2.2 Product 3.0 Current Situation Analysis 3.1 Microenvironment Analysis 3.1.1 Current Market Situation 3.1.2 Company Development 3.1.3 Competitors 3.2 Macroenvironment Analysis 3.2.1 Economic Environment 3.2.2 Political Environment 3.2.3 Technical Development 4.0 Marketing Objectives 5.0 Marketing Mix Strategy 5.1 Product Strategy 5.1.1 Target Market 5.1.2 Product Positioning 5.2 Pricing Strategy 5.3 Channel decisions 5.4 Promotion Strategy 5.4.1 Communication Objectives 5.4.2 IMC Action Programs 6.0 Conclusions & Recommendations List of Reference

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Assignment 3

For this assignment, you should assume that you are the brand manager for the product selected in assignment 2. One of your key tasks is to develop a marketing plan for the financial year 1 July 2006 – 30 June 2007. Due Date: June 23

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Chapter 11 & 12 Exercices

A functional discount is also called a trade discount.

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Chapter 9 & 10 Exercises

One way in which a company can obtain new products is through acquisition -- that is, buying a company, a patent, or a license to produce someone else's product

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Chapter 8 Exercises

When evaluating different market segments, a firm must consider factors: segment size and growth, segment structural attractiveness, and company objectives and resources.

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老师打算把讲过的案例都放在这,大家做Assignment 2 时可参考,希望大家做作业前能把老师上传得案例都看一下。

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Chapter 6 Ex

Chapter 6 Ex.

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Chapter 3 Ex

________ are networks that connect people within a company to each other and to the company network. [Hint] Internet* **tranets Intranets Bitstreams

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Chapter 1 Exercises

The act of obtaining a desired object from someone by offering something in return is known as a(n) ________. A transaction B exchange C relationship D value

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Chapter 4 The Marketing Environment Concept Check

Marketing Environment Concept Check

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Assignment 2

Assignment 2 For this assignment, you (or your team) are required to prepare (but not actually make) a presentation that would last about 20 minutes on a company and its marketing strategies. You can choose a company that you are familiar with or design your own company.

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