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7月8日 家长课程

一直对Aloha餐厅的Janie有一点点排斥,觉得她对中国人已失去了那份友善和宽容,更多的是利益驱动。但今天她主讲的家长课程让我对她有了更深的了解。She is a brilliant manager, educator, lecturer and mother.


1. How to teach your kids to be responsible:

- Assign them daily errands to run or chores to handle

- If a boy, ask him to take care of girls, ladies, pets to develop his chivalry and sense of loving and responsibility

- We teach our kids to be responsible by being responsible ourselves

- My kid is like me because I give him "me"

- If you spend time with your kids, they will want to spend more time with you.

- Tell kids to be responsible for his own things and do what he is supposed to do

- Include them in your life priorities

2. Teach your kids to live rather than learn only

Teach your kids to want to learn, rather than press them to learn

3. Teach your kids to be creative, to try "out-of-the-box" things

4. Spend more time with your kids, play together, dream and talk together, do all fun thinds.

5. Your kids will be like the things they hang out with.